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Champion Psychological Services, LLC is committed to providing accessible, culturally informed, evidenced based,psychological and substance abuse treatment services to the citizens of New Jersey.

Dr Carmen Lynn Hodges believes optimal treatment benefit occurs when there is trust and collaboration between the patient and psychologist. A comprehensive assessment includes an evaluation of the patient’s biopsychosocial functioning and consultation with all relevant providers.

While taking medications alone has been the treatment of choice for some patients due to the time commitment of psychotherapy, and rising healthcare costs,psychotherapy has proven to have positive, long term/lasting results on functioning.Additionally, psychotherapy alone has been found superior to medication in improving certain types of depression(such as Dysthymia)and certain types of anxiety (such as OCD).

However,in treating other psychiatric disorders such as Bipolar Disorder a combination of medication and psychotherapy have provided optimal treatment outcomes.Some Psychological and Substance Abuse Disorders we treat, but are not limited to are:

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